What is SWOOP?

Students Working On Our Profession, or SWOOP, is a student-run ad agency founded at the University of North Texas by Dr. Sheri Broyles and Bill Ford. We hire students on a semester-long basis to do real work for real clients for real money. The money received from our clients goes directly toward scholarships and awards for students.

SWOOPers, as we are commonly referred to, learn various aspects of the advertising and public relations industries. SWOOP provides hands-on training in the field with clients inside the university and out. Though the program is monitored by the director, Bill Ford, the students run the day-to-day operations and handle client relations.

For nine years, SWOOP has given students the opportunity to gain experience handling clients, meeting deadlines, and solving problems in a fast-paced, educational setting. The lessons learned in SWOOP simply cannot be taught in a normal classroom environment.

"Real work for real clients." 


What We Offer



Copywriting sets the tone for the client’s brand image in a way that persuades a consumer to take action.


Art Direction

In order to produce work that fits the client’s brand image, creativity is a must.


Account Executive

A team leader. An AE is capable of maintaining a relationship between the client and agency.


Social Media

Expert on current trends. Social media is all about talking with the consumer rather than at them.


Web Design

Search Engine Optimization master. Creates the look, layout, and feel of a website, all with advertising in mind.


Account Planning

An organized problem solver. Finds the most important thing about a product help the team.



Part director, part sound man, and part editor. 

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