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SWOOP Spring 2021

I am the director and faculty advisor of SWOOP, a student-managed advertising and public relations agency at the University of North Texas.
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"Aaron is a senior Advertising major with a minor in marketing and planning on graduating this December 2021. In SWOOP he is an art director and aspires to work that position in an agency after graduation. In his free time, Aaron loves to listen to music.  His favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, H.E.R., Ari Lennox, and Norman Brown. He also likes to play the guitar and watch his favorite shows, which include Dragon Ball Z."

Bennie is an Account Executive in SWOOP. She loves fashion, music, and all things creative! Apart from that, she spends her time outside of school writing songs and enabling her thrifting addiction.

Caroline Handlin is a junior studying Advertising at the University of North Texas, and she currently holds a social media position at UNT’s SWOOP agency. In her free time, Caroline loves to paint and hike with her dog Georgie.

Though born in Newport News VIginia, Christian Bell was raised in Texas. Christan aspires to start their career in Advertising as an Account Planner. He also wants to hone his skills in social media and web design.

Colin Gilloon currently serves as videographer for SWOOP. He is an advertising major with a minor in English, and his goals after college is to pursue a career in film. As a filmmaker at heart, he hopes to bring a narrative and professional angle to SWOOP’s video content while also injecting it with some dramatic flair.

Devon is a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a Humanities minor. He has always been interested in video production and decided to pursue it full-time after a single accounting exam. He likes to write, play piano, and work out in his free time.

Emily is an account planner in SWOOP. She enjoys going to festivals, playing card games, and hanging out with her dog.

Estefania is an advertising student with a minor in social science at UNT. She is looking forward to starting her career as a strategist since she enjoys doing research to uncover the reasons behind all things and find ways to appeal to other people by communicating more effectively and creatively.

Hunter wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s just who he is. He loves to laugh. He asks a lot of questions. He doesn’t know how to quit. When he gets excited about something, he lets everybody know it. If you spend more than 5 minutes with him, you are guaranteed to smile at least once. Hunter is a copywriter, future creative director, and aspiring agency owner. He takes cold showers, enjoys thunderstorms, and deeply cherishes his friendships..

JC Patino is a senior Advertising major with a minor in Professional Selling. Here in SWOOP, he works as an Account Planner and Account Executive. JC loves being in client-facing roles to form relationships and hear their unique stories. He plans to work in software sales following his graduation in May 2022. In his spare time, you can find him playing with dogs, streaming Ariana Grande, and flirting with strangers on the internet.

Joi Benton is a senior that will graduate in May 2022. Her position in SWOOP is as an Account Planner. She was born on a Military Base in Newport News, VA.

Jordan is a senior Advertising and History double major at the University of North Texas. She describes herself as an aspiring copywriter with a backbone in strategy. Along with working for SWOOP as a copywriter, Jordan is the current Fall 2021 president of SWOOP as well as the president of UNT's Advertising Club. Jordan has always had a love for creativity and performing from her background in theatre to her year as a Life and Arts writer for UNT's school Newspaper, NT Daily. When she's not in SWOOP Jordan loves horror movies, talking about her dog, making playlists, video games, and hanging out with her friends. 

JT, whose actual name is Jesse Ivers but likes to be called JT, is a copywriter for SWOOP. He loves movies, TV, music, and baking! He enjoys spending his time with friends and family, especially his cat Luna.

Katey is a senior Advertising major with a minor in psychology, planning to graduate in May 2022. She is a social media specialist in SWOOP and aspires to one day work for an ad agency in California. In her free time, Katey enjoys hiking, hanging with friends, drinking coffee, and going to the lake.

Kiera Gerner is an Austin Native. She plays piano and marched in Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps for two years playing the snare drum. Kiera loves cats and has had 15 at one time.

Kyra works in Art Direction for Swoop. She has two bunnies named Daisy and Oreo. In her free time, she loves crafting, binge-watching any and everything, and napping. Occasionally you can catch her hoarding free cookies.

Leo Rodriguez is a Senior and will be graduating next Spring. Leo is an account executive at Swoop and is thrilled to work in his profession. Leo loves film, theatre and has a stock YouTube channel.

Matthew is a senior Advertising major with a minor in Marketing. This fall he is staffed as a copywriter for SWOOP. After he graduates he wants to continue copywriting for an agency and become the best copywriter to ever walk the face of the Earth. He is an avid sports fan and his favorite food is tortellini.

Max Moseley is a senior with an advertising major at UNT! He has a minor in music as well. He plays 6 instruments; guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocal cords, and banjo and enjoys writing, recording, and performing music. Currently, he works as a lesson teacher at My Music Academy in Argyle. Originally, he is from St. Louis Missouri. His days growing up there were spent swimming, biking, and fishing on the lake. The first thing you should know about him is that he is a creator. Whether he’s creating new friendships or music, he likes to cultivate new ideas and share them with the world.

Marina is currently an undergraduate at the University of North Texas. She feels like she has lived many lives in her short years of life since she has worked in several different industries including early childhood education, special education, fast-food, health care, and more. She has learned so much from each experience, both the good and the bad ones, that she plans to take to each adventure she has in life.  Currently, she is an account executive here at SWOOP and will be graduating this December of 2021! She also has a wonderful little boy named Oliver who is just a year old and has the cutest little fuzzy face and smallest paws!

Taylor Hass is a Copywriter for SWOOP. She loves to write creative fiction, and copywriting allows her to write creatively, which is something she dreamed of doing in her future career. She has practiced piano for fourteen years, she loves to read dystopian society novels, and writing is her greatest passion. 

Marissa Norman is a Senior Advertising major with a minor in Marketing and Psychology, graduating in May 2021.Here in SWOOP, she is our Social Media Coordinator. She has a passion for creating new connections and creativity as well as traveling. In 2019, Marissa traveled to Spain with Mayborn! She has a pet rabbit she dresses up in silly hats in her downtime, which he tolerates most of the time. She also plays video games and is super excited to be a part of the SWOOP team!

Tristan Amado is an Art Director for SWOOP. He is a  huge music head who plays both Bass and Drums, and often boasts about the superiority of Super Smash Bros Melee.

Vivek Paudel is currently going to graduate school for his masters while serving as a web/digital content creator for SWOOP. This is his second semester as a SWOOPer and plans on working furthermore down the road with SWOOP. He has a humongous love for mountains and likes to visit different states for their national parks every year. With a passion for travelling and writing blended fiction in his free time, Vivek also plays soccer and loves to listen music that include different genre and languages. 

SWOOP Spring 2021

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