SWOOP Fall 2020

I am the director and faculty advisor of SWOOP, a student-managed advertising and public relations agency at the University of North Texas.
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Bryson is a senior that is double majoring in advertising and media arts. He is a videographer that is eager to film, or help out with a photo shoot.  He wants to use his skills as a camera man and apply them to the world of advertising. After graduation he wants to direct commercials as a career someday. When he is not at school, you can catch him at his part-time job at IKEA or outside hiking on a trail. Some hobbies of his include photography, camping, and playing board games with his friends. If he had a super power he would be the “Observer,” because he takes in his surroundings before engaging a situation.

Blake Boehle is an advertising major who is into all things visual. He is a videographer and art director for SWOOP who aims to constantly improve his skills. On top of being a hard worker, he still tries to takes time to make others laugh. After graduating, Blake is aiming to one day become an art director at an ad agency. One of his life goals is to take photos of the Northern Lights.When he is not working, Blake enjoys shooting videos of nature, playing board games, running, and reading random facts. (Did you know Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch?)

Candace Smith is a Senior Advertising major with a minor in Marketing graduating in May 2021.

Here in SWOOP she is an Account Executive with a passion for relationship building and

creative expression. After graduation she hopes to find a career in Account Service or Strategy.

During her free time she is an aspiring plant-mom and painter who also enjoys spending quality

time with loved ones and ordering lots of food on UberEats. Her Superpower is that she is

honest and personable.

Brandon Murphy is senior Ad major with a minor in Social Sciences graduating fall 2020. I am a copywriter for SWOOP. I enjoy being a copywriter because I’m a creative person and I love to write. In my free time, I like watching movies, hanging with friends, listening to music, watching sports, and being out in nature.

Brianna Cook is a senior Advertising major with a minor in Entrepreneurship, graduating in Fall 2020. She is a Social Media Specialist in SWOOP. She enjoys how powerful social media can be if you use it correctly to your advantage. She likes to make light of every situation with jokes. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to music, and watch YouTube. One thing that takes up a lot of her time is her clothing brand she runs with her best friend. She hopes one day the brand is very well-known.

Hello! My name is Case Cockrell and I am a senior here at the University of North Texas. I am an advertising major with a minor in psychology. Since attending this university, I have learned many things from the amazing classes I have had the privilege of taking and I look forward to applying these skills in real life. After I graduate from North Texas, I plan to pursue a career as an account planner or copywriting. I love to listen to music, check out the occasional brewery, and write for my music blog. I also play bass in a local band from Dallas, we recorded and released an album in the recent years. 

Cass is a senior advertising student graduating in December 2020. She's a copywriter who is currently building her skills in coding as well as web development. Her passions involve problem solving and expanding her knowledge in multiple subjects. Her aspirations after her last semester at UNT would be to work in the back and front end of an agency. Her super power is the ability to spot a problem, and doing the best to try solving it.

Wenli(Emily) Jiang is a Junior Advertising major with a minor in Chinese and is graduating in Summer 2021. In SWOOP, Emily is in the Social media position. After graduating, she would like to get a job in the advertising field. She is also working towards her master’s in journalism. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, traveling, cooking, and reading. Her superpower is a strong ability to resist pressure.

James Butler is a Senior majoring in Advertising and minoring in Spanish. His favorite part of being an Account Executive is getting to work with clients in a variety of industries.

After graduation he hopes to work in an advertising agency in Dallas as an account executive.

When he isn't working, you can usually find him planning his next trip abroad, experimenting with a new bread recipe or  working on his motorcycle.

Erin is a senior Advertising major with a Spanish minor at UNT. Erin aspires to be an art director for an ad agency and one day make a Super Bowl commercial. In her free time, Erin enjoys reading celebrity biographies, running, and building LEGOs. When she is not working for SWOOP, she works at the vegan cafeteria, Mean Greens, where she makes the best paninis on campus.

Jay is a junior Advertising major with a Spanish minor at UNT. As a copywriter for SWOOP, Jay feels that his individual creativity can be expressed immensely on paper rather than actual words. Upon graduation in May 2021, Jay plans to continue honing his craft in the creative department as either a copywriter or art director. With a pair of Beats headphones always on deck, you can catch Jay listening to music, watching any sports related content or hooping at the rec.

Eyara is a senior Advertising major at UNT with a minor in Fashion Merchandising and Sociology. Graduating in December, she works as an Art Director for SWOOP, and in her free time she enjoys taking naps, cooking various foods for her roommates, and watching cringey Netflix reality shows. After she graduates and hopefully has some extra free time, she hopes to travel and maybe pick up some more hobbies (she’s open to suggestions).

Jennifer is a senior graduating this December with a major in Advertising. She is a copywriter at SWOOP with a big love for writing and a good espresso. You can find her out & about in nature on a hike, cuddling with her rescue puppy or trying to understand whatever TikTok is. After college, she wants
to work at an agency in Dallas but ultimately open her dream coffee shop and be a cute, old lady somewhere in a mountain town. 

Hi I’m Jackie Winkler, and I am an account planner for Swoop. I’m a senior at UNT, and my major is Advertising with a minor in social sciences. When I graduate I want to travel for a year, and then find a job at an advertising agency outside of Texas. When I’m not in school, I like to thrift shop, hang out with my cat Martin, get drinks with my friends, and run (I’m trying to work up to a half marathon, we shall see if that ever happens.) The word to describe me is the mediator.

Graduating in May 2021, Jessica is a senior with a major in advertising and a double minor in Spanish and history. She is the current president and an account planner for SWOOP. After graduation, Jessica hopes to work as a strategist at an agency and, later, teach abroad. Her favorite kind of research involves trying new foods and going new places. She enjoys doing crafts, playing with her Eskie, learning different languages, and playing mystery/simulation video games.

Kathryn is a senior majoring in advertising and minoring in psychology and anthropology. This combination of studies fuels her love for people and why they do the things they do. Kathryn loves the job of the account planner because it requires an understanding of and an interest in other people's thoughts. Outside of SWOOP, Kathryn loves coffee, baking, journaling and digging through music. Also, she can't ever forget to mention her love for dogs.

Lauren is graduating in May 2021 and is majoring in Advertising with a double minor in  History and Sociology. Lauren is a copywriter for SWOOP, and when she’s not working she enjoys cooking and baking. One day she hopes to be able to travel and write about food, eating carbs in every single country she possibly can.

Lupe is a senior advertising student with a minor in marketing. She loves the detailed work that goes into creating brand personalities and is excited to get into the real world. When she isn't on campus she is working and saving up to travel. Her favorite trip was to Macchu Picchu where the altitude almost killed her, but the food, culture, and views are what really took her breath away.

Madora is Junior at UNT majoring in Journalism with a teacher certification. After school she hopes to work in the field all while obtaining a master's degree in Digital Communications Analytics. She hopes to inspire the younger generation to overcome their obstacles and become successful no matter the trials. When she's not working or at school her hobbies include blogging, photography, and having fun in the kitchen. But most of all she loves to watch alien documentaries such as Skin Walker Ranch and is always up for 'beyond the universe' conversations.

Noah Zion is a senior Journalism major with a minor in Social Sciences and is graduating in December 2020. His position in SWOOP is an Art Director and he loves using his creativity to solve problems. When he’s not doing work for SWOOP, he can be found drawing, listening to music, watching movies and cartoons, or playing with his gold lab named Angel.

My name is Tiffany Aragon I’m a senior at UNT majoring in Advertising with a minor in Sociology. Storytelling is my second language. Being a Social Media Strategist allows my creativity and organizations skills to unite. In my free time, I enjoy grabbing coffee with friends at unique coffee shops, and traveling with my husband.

Talia Snow is a senior Advertising major with minors in English and Psychology graduating in May 2020. She is currently on the grad track program, so after graduation, she will continue into the Mayborn Graduate Program to finish getting her Master’s in Journalism. She currently holds the position of Account Executive, which she loves because it allows her to be a little bit involved in every step from research to creative. Her passions included coffee, naps, cooking, and spending time outdoors with her dog. Her goal is to get a work visa so she can live and work in a new country.

Will is a senior Advertising major with a minor in Marketing. He’s also an Art Director for SWOOP. Enticed by the metroplex, he plans to begin his ad career in DFW after graduation. A native Texan, Will travels all over his home state with his family attending live concerts and cheering on the Dallas Stars. He loves hiking National Parks, driving fast cars, and believes in the cathartic power of rock ’n roll.


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