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SWOOP offers the same positions you would find at a professional advertising agency. This allows students to test the waters of their desired position and gain real-world experience. 


Kessler Shaving Co. is a men's skincare company founded in Oak Cliff who has set out to enhance the traditional craft of the old-world shaving experience.

The Account Planner is the consumer’s advocate throughout the process of developing a campaign or promotion. They conduct consumer research and develop a brief to guide the creative team in constructing their advertisement. To do so, the planner must boil all important information about the consumer and product into a single important idea.

Account Planning

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Peter Drucker

Art Directors are responsible for the visual execution of ad campaigns throughout a wide variety of media. They are intrinsically creative and should be well-versed in design, visual storytelling, strategy and necessary software such as Adobe Creative Suite. Art Directors are paired with copywriters to produce ads and promotional tools that fulfill the client’s goal.

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