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  • Nathan Cooper

Ad Critique: The Apple iPod Silhouette Campaign

The Apple iPod silhouette campaign is one of the most remembered in the mind of millennials. The campaign was released in 2003 and continued until 2008. The campaign featured different people’s silhouettes and highlighted the iPod. The campaign itself ran on multiple platforms ranging from billboard to digital. The beauty of this campaign lies in its simplicity. There is no intricate design or hidden message, it is clear and simple. Enjoy your music no matter who you are. The silhouettes also portrayed how the music makes you feel.

There wasn't any backlash or harsh criticism about this ad series and its’ success is evident just based on the longevity that the campaign had. In an article quote from Steve Jobs had this to say, “…I moved $75 million of the advertising money to the iPod…We outspent every-body by a factor of a hundred.” This campaign is evidence of how effective advertising is and that it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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