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  • Marc Frias

How Advertising and Public Relations Go Together

People often get the idea that public relations and advertising are from two separate worlds.

Advertisers sell the organization through promotions of any means necessary while public relations garners organic support to make people interested in the advertisements. This includes press releases, statements, social media, or word of mouth. Once public relations start to get the ball rolling, advertisers then start to expand the outreach through paid media sources. They have to work with public relations to support one another at every level.

Advertisers help public relation practitioners establish relationships with prospective customers through ads and promotions. Public relations maintain the image made by the ads of the organization in the long-run. Both jobs create buzz, but advertising is like a firework. It is short lived but explosive in sales. Public relations is similar to investing. It is a slower process, but when done correctly can amass huge awards over time. A great combination of short-term success and long-term success is what makes an organization great. That’s why advertisers and public relations practitioners go together so well. In the long-term, we need each other to do our best work.

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