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Advertising: Where Do I Fit In?

For students, finding your place in the professional world can be tough — especially if you aren’t sure where to start. SWOOP is a great opportunity to get an inside look at what working in an advertising agency is all about. Actually engaging in and doing the work instead of just watching the process will quickly help you decide if you enjoy it or not. SWOOP has all the roles you’d see in a real world ad agency: art directors, copywriters, account executives, account planners, public relation specialists and social media planners.

Pick your path but don’t feel restricted to it. You can switch lanes and help out a team member with their work if they’re falling behind. Because of the cross-collaboration within the teams, students can get a feel for each of the different advertising positions and their responsibilities — to see which one might be the best fit.

SWOOPers get hands-on experience doing real work for real clients. Developing professional skills and habits, while training in a safe environment prepares you to enter the advertising world and hit the ground running.

There are lots of different types of agencies in the advertising world. Some big. Some small. And some in-between. SWOOP gives students the chance to choose their own path. Being a part of this completely student run agency cam help you establish what you want your agency life to be like after graduation.

If you’re someone who’s more quiet and soft-spoken, being a part of the SWOOP team will quickly help you break out of your shell. Speaking up at team meetings with status updates on your work is important so the team can all be on the same page. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary at first, but it’s the first step to success in the professional world.

Some of us work better alone — or at least we think we do. But great things are rarely achieved by just one person. Working together with a team is an important skill to bring into any professional pursuit. If you’re not comfortable with it just yet, not worries. SWOOP is a safe place for you to practice building the interpersonal skills needed to get hired and succeed within an agency.

SWOOP helps students choose the direction they want to take in advertising by giving real life agency experience. Set yourself up for success by exploring where you want to go professionally and develop the skills to get there quickly.

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