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  • Cristina Fuentes

How to Stay Organized (Especially with Multiple Clients!)

Like most, I’m usually juggling between school, work, internships, family, friends and trying to fit sleep somewhere in the midst of it all.

I suggest starting with making a game plan for yourself. Write it out. Agendas and calendars allow you to fill in the spaces and quickly view everything at a glance. You can even choose between a hard copy or downloading apps onto your phone. Personally, I go the bullet journal route. They allow you to write exactly what you want, customize it the way that works for you and make cute decor to add to your bookshelf once you’ve finished filling it out.

Once you have everything written out, you can begin to plan your schedule. Make sure to give yourself more time than needed in case things change. It’s always better to be early as it gives you more flexibility.

Lastly, stick to the plan! This is usually the hardest part. Use your time wisely. If your client needs the project done in the next two days, skip out on going out with friends and stay home to work on it. Turn off your cell phone if it’s a distraction.

Everyone is different, there is no sure-fire way to perfection but find what works for you. Feel free to reward yourself when you’re done with your tasks.

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