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  • Mesha McDonald

Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From SWOOP Agency Life

#1: Early mornings are now life. If you aren’t ready to be up and running at 8am then maybe SWOOP Agency life isn’t for you.

#2: Stay two steps ahead, always. You never know what curve ball your client might throw at you. I had to bat a few curve balls myself this semester. Staying 2 steps ahead and being prepared for the any situation is the best way to ensure success with any client.

#3: Stay organized. The best way to always be two steps ahead is by keeping everything organized and timely. By that I mean, keep up with schedules, never fall behind deadlines, give yourself enough time to get your work done. If you are managing multiple accounts, be sure to give yourself ample time in the week to work on all of them. Taking on multiple accounts at a time may be challenging, but it is do-able. As long as you are able to manage your personal and work time accordingly, you can be sure to put your best foot forward with every client.

#4: Early is on time, on time is late. If you have a meeting, may it be with your client or your team, being on time shows professionalism and ensures everyone gets all important information necessary at the meetings. When meeting with clients, its keen that your team arrives at least 10 minutes early. During this time the team should go over what will be discussed and expected of them during the client meeting, ensuring that everyone involved will be on one accord. This same rule applies with daily SWOOP meetings. In our SWOOP meetings, we debrief on all that we have done and what is expected of us in the near future from our clients. Missing one of these meetings or even being late may cause you to miss out on important information.

So in the words of Ford, “8:30 means 8:30 damnit!”

#5: Always put your best foot forward. When you step out of the SWOOP room you are a representation of the SWOOP Agency. When your professors see you wearing your SWOOP shirt or hat, they expect you to produce agency work. So remember to wear your SWOOP swag with pride, and be sure to deliver nothing but the best in everything you do.v

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