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  • Chase Silvers

The difference social media can make for a client and why it’s important.

It is a common belief that social media has gained an influence among businesses in the active world of B2B and B2C. This is because social media is a powerful weapon for integrated marketing techniques when it is used properly. The up-and-coming audience of millennials entering the business world makes social media a necessary business tool, and companies that use it properly have a higher engagement factor with their customers. This is evident from looking at businesses who use social media accounts that are active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Instagram is said to be the “King of Social Engagement”. It has been proven that 90% of information received by the brain is visual. It is easy to share a picture on Instagram since it's done conveniently through your mobile phone. Business tactics like branding are most effective on Instagram because of Instagram's strong, visual emphasis. Using Instagram in combination with twitter can maximize your social engagement with retweets, mentions, and most importantly, likes. People have a need to feel connected with each other, so using Instagram and Twitter is a smart choice.

YouTube streaming is another way for businesses to market themselves. The popularity of video-on-demand and live streaming services offered by YouTube are unquestionably resourceful for all of its users. YouTubers make money just by making videos, so, making videos about your business can productively earn more engagement. The “Like and Subscribe” function of YouTube is where brand promotion is the most effective because it can be used as a product extension of your other social media platforms, and being able to make comments on the videos give opportunities to receive feedback and make adjustments to improve on your tactics.

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