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A Blog About Blogs

Blogs are supposed to be a fun and easy way to collect information about a topic and that is why you are here reading this. I am going to tell you about the top advertising blogs out there today so that you can pick your favorite and get going.

Something that many people forget about in advertising is that you need to remain up to date and current about what is trending and upcoming in the industry. There are many different websites and sources you can use to get information about what's new in advertising but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve gathered some information about each blog to help you start on you inspirational journey. If you are an advertising historian and want to gain more knowledge check out AdLand and Ads of the World. These are archives of some of the best ads in the world as well as the latest campaigns. You can even find every Super Bowl ad ever on Adland. If you’re a techie or want to pretend to be one, check out Adverblog which has short snippets of advertising gold. If you are looking for something more detailed and with more substance look for Social Media Examiner. I am personally way behind when it comes to technology so I like to read these once in awhile to catch up. If you are someone who is more into the analytics of advertising, be sure to read Kissmetrics and if you want an online marketing degree the tuition fees, checkout MarketingProfs. Two of my favorites are HubSpot and Inspiration Room because I feel that they bring all aspects together in one blog. They are both aesthetically appealing and make me feel creative just clicking on their page. I read blogs to get inspired and get my creative juices flowing. Things are constantly changing in our industry so stay connected to resources that will help you grow. Bookmark these blogs and don’t forget to stay creative.

Check out the whole list here!

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