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  • Amber Perez

Sites to Spark Your Creativity

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the feeling. The deadline is fastly approaching and you’ve completely ran out of good ideas, so procrastination and panic sets in. This horrible feeling is what’s known as a creative block. I’ve always been told that by taking a break or stepping away helps, but I find that these sites help promote creativity and inspiration.

1. FormFiftyFive

FormFiftyFive showcases creative work from all over the world. They have a collection of the best of the best creative talent from up-and-comers to the veterans of design works.

2. Doodlers Anonymous

Doodlers Anonymous is the home to creative and spontaneous doodle art. It’s features a vast collection of creative inspiration and art from artists. Also, it’s a great site to showcase your artwork and designs.

3. Communication Arts Advertising Annual

Features award-winning projects and campaigns from all over the world. Communication Arts has advertising annuals ranging from 2004-2016.

4. Ads of the World

Ads of the World showcases all notable creative campaign executions from print to commercial.

5. Share Some Candy

It’s a blog that features everything from typography to photography. It’s a collection of design inspiration.

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