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  • Haley Stubbs

The Difference Between Advertising That Works and Advertising That Doesn’t

Have you ever seen an advertisement and thought, “that doesn’t make any sense”? This is probably because you are either not the target market for that specific product or for whatever reason it just doesn’t work. There are keys to making a good advertising campaign and there are things you should avoid.

Three elements that will help make a campaign work are simplicity, humor and relatability. Flooding consumers with a bunch of information they don’t need can overwhelm them. Keep it simple and clean. It’s also not a bad idea to mix in some humor. Often times the best way to keep someone’s attention is by making them laugh. The most memorable ads are the ones that can make someone feel emotion. Last but not least, it is important to make ads that are relatable. If the consumers can relate to your ad then they are more likely to buy the product.

Now for some things you might want to avoid:

• You don’t want consumers to look at your ad and be even more confused after

seeing it than they were before.

• Make sure you have a clear concept. It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing

television spot, if the consumer can’t tell what the product is, the ad doesn’t


• Avoid using a lot of copy. People already don’t necessarily like ads. If they

aren’t interested by the headline, chances are that they aren’t going to read

through a paragraph about why your product is so great.

• Visual aesthetics is also very important. Don’t use the space incorrectly and

make sure there is a visual pathway through the ad starting at the most

important element and ending with the least.

There are a lot more tips for creating ads that work. These are just a few things to keep in mind while creating ads and coming up with campaign ideas.

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