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  • Tyler Lucius

PR of UNT Football Team Heading in Right Direction

The UNT football team has made insane strides in this past year. From being a one win team two years ago to playing in their first C-USA conference championship. Head Coach Seth Littrell has turned this program around in his time here and has put the team in a great public relations position. Public relations for college football programs is very important, especially in the aspect of recruiting. Back in 2015 a PR nightmare took place when UNT lost to Portland State, an FCS school, on homecoming. This was a terrible look for the program, and after that UNT became the laughing stock to recruits all across the state. Since Littrell has been in charge, a social media campaign has been put in place to exemplify that things have changed. The hashtag on the UNT Football’s Twitter page is “#NewDenton”, students are now using it, along with recruits. The combination of a good social media campaign and winning ball games, can really keep this team heading in the right direction from a PR standpoint.

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