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  • December Williamson


*Spoiler Alert*

NBC’s popular family show This is Us has finally given us the answer we were all waiting for. In an episode aired on January 23, it was revealed how the beloved father, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimigila) died. A vicious, cruel, and savage slow cooker. Key words here are “slow cooker.” The popular brand “Crock-Pot” was never mentioned, but “Crock-Pot” has since undergone the wrath of This is Us fans. Social media was overflowing with fans vowing never to use a “Crock-Pot” and throwing out the appliance as they tried to cope with the loss of Jack. In an effort to clear the air, Milo Ventimigila teamed up with “Crock-Pot” in a quick last minute commercial that was debuted online Super Bowl weekend. The ad was a brilliant and heartwarming way to shed a positive light on the infamous kitchen appliance brand. With our favorite TV dad spreading a warm message and enjoying a “Crock-Pot” meal, this was a great move for the brand. Teamwork makes the dream work, am I right?

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