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  • Erin Sledge

What is a Creative Technologist?

Technology is something that has an impact on just about every part of our lives, and that is the same for advertising as a field. Technology has become such a big part of the industry that there is actually a position that some agencies are adding to their teams just for that, Creative Technologist. What exactly is a creative technologist, though?

A creative technologist is a person who works with creative directors, developers, IA/UX interactive producers, designers, and other people within agencies who work on digital and interactive content to make sure that it is done well.

These people work in rooms surrounded by the newest technology trying to figure out new, creative ways to use it to make effective, award-winning work. Advertising and technology are similar in that they are both constantly changing, and a creative technologist is the person who stands in the middle to help bring the two together.

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