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  • Heather Fuhrmann

The Shunned Snapchat Update

At the beginning of February, Snapchat released an update that changed the whole user interface. There were a lot of complaints about the update, saying that it was too confusing and difficult to navigate. Celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen, have also voiced their opinions on the new update. In fact, Jenner’s tweet about not using the app anymore caused Snapchat’s stock to go down $1.3 billion according to an article on CNN.

Despite all of the backlash and petitions from users to leave the app, Snapchat said there is no chance it will go back to the old version. The company says that it appreciates all of the feedback coming from the users and that it will take all of the comments into consideration in making the new update as user-friendly as possible.

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