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  • Allison Hughes

What Jacksfilms can teach influencers about staying relevant

Jacksfilms or Jack Douglass has been a YouTuber for 11 years, practically ancient on the site. He has maintained a loyal audience where many others have failed. How has he done this and how can other influencers learn from his example?

I believe there is one reason above all others that Jack has stayed relevant; audience engagement. He has "JackAsk" and "Yesterday I Asked You," which rely on the input of his many fans.This makes fans feel included in his videos and makes them engage more with him and his brand.It makes them feel part of his channel by having a chance to have their own jokes included in his videos. Jack capitalizes on this even more by having many long-running inside jokes with his fans. These jokes not only drive his merchandising sales but also make his viewers feel closer to Jack. Not unlike how in a close friendship you and your friend might share inside jokes that make you both feel more connected.

In short what others can learn from Jacksfilms is make your audience feel included in your content. Don't just talk at your viewers, have a conversation. If people feel included in your content they have more likely to keep consuming it.

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