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  • Alyson Flint

The "New Social Media Platform You Need to Know About

Vero is a “new” social media app that has generated buzz for their non-algorithm-based platform. Although the app was launched in 2015 gained most of its buzz after Instagram implemented their algorithm for viewing content. The company claims they won’t interfere with when and how users see posts, allowing chronological viewing of accounts followed.

Artists, Social Media Influencers and those who make money by posting ideas online have shown interest. These people have been the biggest critics of Instagram’s algorithms as some of them lose business or interest from followers if their posts are not seen in a timely manner (aka when they post them). However, there are a few bugs to be worked out to gain a larger user base. A few complaints from initial users were: they couldn’t get pictures to post, a low number of users made it hard to build their following, they had trouble loading images and other features.

Vero in a nutshell: • Ad-free, no bots, no spam

• Subscription-based app • 1st million users receive it free for life • No algorithm – posts appear by those you follow in chronological order, “free of manipulation” • Harder to falsify an account; requires a working phone number to create an account • Measures time spent on the app • Categorize accounts as “close friend”, “friend” or “acquaintance” • There is no “delete account” button; requests must be emailed in

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