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  • Brooke Leitschuh

A Creative's Playlist

Inspiration can be found in anything—memes, graphic novels, bus stations, dusty encyclopedias—and when you find something that resonates with you, that’s when the creative juices start to flow. A lot of my job as a copywriter isn’t spent simply hunched over a piece of paper with a pen in hand, it’s consumed by going out into the world and observing my surroundings, soaking up ideas for the next tagline, the perfect mashup of words that can convey exactly what my client needs to tell their audience. Whether I’m venturing outside to be inspired or sitting at my desk browsing books or the internet, music is always a helpful tool that gives my brain that extra push to think of something creative. Below is my go-to creative playlist, a small collection of ten songs that I’ll pop in and play when I want to be inspired. Enjoy.

1. Minimum – Charlie Cunningham 2. Landscapes - Talos 3. Die Trying - Michl 4. The Breach – Dustin Tebbutt 5. Cool Blue – The Japanese House 6. Roslyn – Bon Iver, St. Vincent 7. September Song – JP Cooper 8. Indian Summer – Jai Wolf 9. Sleepwalking – The Chain Gang of 1974 10. Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me) - Hunny

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