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  • Sierra Johnson

Coincidental Connections

One of the best feelings is knowledge from your past connecting with knowledge in your present to create an “aha” moment. Recently, I experienced the top tier of this feeling – a connection between one of my favorite childhood movies and my desired future career in the public relations field.

Aquamarine…you’re familiar, right? When I think about public relations, I’m immediately taken back to the scene in the movie where Claire is giving newly beached mermaid Aquamarine boy advice. Flipping through a magazine, Claire stumbles upon the infamous “fluff and retreat” suggestion:

“Fluff his ego, then walk away. Not only is he left wanting more, but he’s

under the impression that it’s his idea.”

I feel that this scene parallels to public relations very closely. Good public relations leaves the people, whether that be consumers or loyal supporters of a brand, wanting more. Pay close attention the next time you watch your favorite childhood movie – you may accidentally come across a gem that’s relevant to the word of advertising and public relations.

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