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  • Cami Lyon

The Most Magical Social Media Campaign On Earth

In 1923, Walt and Roy Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, which is now known as the Walt Disney Company. In 1928, they released ‘Steamboat Willie’, the first cartoon featuring the beloved Mickey Mouse. Since then, Disney has released a multitude of cartoons including: live-action TV shows, animated films, and live-action films, as well as opened and pristinely maintained six different theme park resorts across the world. On top of all of this, Disney has had to integrate and overcome many different changes in the media world. Today, one of the changes Disney has had to overcome is the growth of social media, and overcome it they have.

Disney is on every major social media platform, with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. On each platform, @Disney has different content that covers their movies, their parks, and their merchandise lines in vastly different ways. Disney was able to easily adapt to the social media landscape, because Disney has always been good at one major thing: content creation. Social media is one more outlet for content; Disney does it well and with ease.

Check Out Their Social Media Here:

Twitter: @Disney

Instagram: @Disney

Facebook: @Disney

YouTube: Disney

Pinterest: Disney

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