• Kelsey Morris

Your Voice in the Noise

It’s not a secret. People hate advertising. People will do almost anything to not have to deal with us. And if some of us are honest, we will do almost anything to not have to deal with us. But what if we start looking at our work in a different way? What if we reposition ourselves not just as advertisers but as people who have a platform to inspire change?

Look at Coca-Cola for example, when you strip it down, Coca-Cola is simply a soda. But because of their creativity and desire to make the world a happier place, Coca-Cola is so much more than that. They transport their audience to an entirely different world through advertising. They inspire happiness, creativity, and change all while promoting their brand.

You are more than just an advertiser. You are more than someone who increases sales for your client. You have the voice and the platform to encourage love, light, and change to the world.

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