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  • James Bersosa

Just Say Hello

A simple hello to a stranger, can absolutely unequivocally change your world.

Too many walk everyday with a fourth wall, dividing themselves from those that are outside of their sphere of influence.

Believe me, I was one of those people.

Recently, I finally broke out of that habit of living passively, and I decided

to tear down that wall.

Once I did, my perspective that was once closed, opened up to the beauty of my community.

As an advertising professional, I've found that opening up my perspective to others has allowed me to have a better understanding of people.

In turn, my work has become less restricted to the media I consumed, to something rather expansive as I begin to learn about the current status of society from those who live within it.

So, go out there, bulldoze that 4th wall…

And just say hello.

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