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  • Nehan Farhat

The Virus That Infects All Writers

Writer’s block is one of the most dreadful things that can happen to a writer when faced with impending deadlines, lack of sleep, and mountainous workloads. There’s not wanting to write and then there’s not having a semblance of an idea to write. Fear of inadequacy, undeveloped ideas, and perfectionist attitudes are usually the root causes for writer’s block. This monster-under-the-bed-problem usually starts as a shadow of self-doubt and then slowly spirals into a boogeyman nightmare that gets in the way of literary creativity. If you happen to find yourself in this rut, you can’t just sit there and wait for some creative lightning to strike while you wallow in self-loathing and frustration. Doing nothing is going to get you nothing. Change up your environment. That can mean changing scenery, literally running away from your pencil (the endorphins help, trust me), changing up your music, or bouncing ideas off of a friend. But do you know what the most revolutionary idea is? Write. Write any string of words, they don’t have to make grammatical sense. What’s going to end up happening is your brain is going to start generating words into ideas that will ultimately become a topic that you can write about. To overcome writer’s block, you’re going to have write so you may as well start before you start before you throw your laptop at the wall.

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