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  • Alexa Boggs

When In Doubt Panic!

Have you ever been in a state of panic that everything is going all wrong, and you just want to give up on life? Have no fear, music therapy is here to help! Human beings are always constantly running around. Sometimes I think we forget to take the time to breathe. I am like that constantly. As a senior, as an honors student, and as an ambassador I know for a fact tackling it all can be a struggle. So, what is music therapy? Music therapy is a way to help us process our emotions when we are in distress. Music therapy is an efficacious treatment for people who have psychosocial, affective, cognitive and communicative needs. I feel like we all can relate to the last one, especially. Sometimes it’s a lonely world out here but that’s why I love music. It helps us get through the days when we feel so alone.

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