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  • Tuere Robinson

What Public Relations Isn't

The common misconception about public relations is that, as practitioners, they spin stories and lie to the public. Unfortunately, I too thought this was the truth until one of my favorite professors, Dr. Fuse, broke down what public professionals really do. Public relations professionals aren’t liars. Public relations professionals don’t intentionally disseminate false information to spread a false narrative. In fact, public relations does the exact opposite. Practitioners ensure that they have a mutually beneficial relationship with their client in which the client's mission is clear and their goals are met.

In short, the Google definition of public relations is wrong. When I write press releases, it’s catchy. I’m selling ideas but that’s the extent of it. I’m always truthful and keeping my client's goals in mind. I truly encourage the public to rethink what exactly public relations means to them.

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