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  • Bethany Narvaez

Three Reasons We Need to Feature Women in Sports & Fitness Ads

  1. Women are sports fans, too. Historically, the world of sports fandom has been confined to the man cave. However, over recent years, researchers have noticed this dated stereotype dying out. According to Demographic Partitions, women make up 35% of the NFL fan base and represent 30% of NBA fans. Despite the fact that 70% of household purchases are decided by a woman, marketers and advertisers have only recently started to learn how to accurately connect with this new, untapped market in sports and fitness.

  2. It provides positive female role models. Sadly, fad crash diets and quick-fix exercise products will never die out completely. But, over the past several years the conversation around women’s fitness has started to change. There’s been a significant shift to focus on body positivity in fitness with more emphasis on women building strength both physically and mentally. This new empowering attitude provides consumers with positive female role models and redefines “healthy.” This, combined with increased media coverage of professional women’s sports, encourages women of all ages to unleash their competitive fighting spirit in all areas of their lives.

  3. Ameatur athletes are on the rise. It’s impossible not to feel inspired when Serena Williams appears on your screen and delivers a powerful serve to her opponent. She’s a perfectly-sculpted product of year-round training regimes and professional coaching. But, early in the morning before the sun comes up, on quick lunch breaks between meetings, or after all the kids have been tucked in, everyday women are beginning to fuel their inner amateur athlete. Nothing is more inspiring to these women than seeing an everyday athlete like themselves featured in the ads of their favorite brands. These amateur female athletes make sacrifices and dedicate their limited free-time to commit to their athletic training, all while balancing work and home life. These women receive no national news coverage or multi-million dollar sponsorships. All they get is self-satisfaction. And that’s true grit.

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