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  • Ari Roman

Resisting Resistance

As the semester starts to near the end, personally it has become a lot more difficult for me to focus. I feel as though we, including myself, tend to get overwhelmed by classes and the hope of the approaching summer. However, this is usually the moment it’s most important to remain focused and finish strong, considering how close some of us are to summer vacation or graduation. Something that has always helped me maintain focus is something I learned through reading a book called The Art of War by Steven Pressfield. It talks about the creative war that occurs within ourselves when it comes to completing projects. It can range from finding the energy to sit down and write a paper to doing tasks as simple as waking up. The book talks in depth about how we allow “resistance” to get the best of us and not allow us to remain focused on what we should be accomplishing. I recommend everyone read this book, but for the meantime following this simple step can help. Be aware of your resistance and acknowledge the fact that you are stopping yourself from doing all that you’re capable of. I find that thinking, the quicker I get any task done, the less I resist. This allows me to work more efficiently on creative projects or doing other things. Hopefully this gives you some encouragement and allows you to avoid resistance through the last month of the semester.

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