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  • Rachel Van Deusen

Value of Creativity

Creative people are very special in the industry because not everyone can do what they do. Everyone has the potential to be creative. Some are just better trained and have more experience. Some have more control over their talent. Creative individuals can range from artistry, writing, and music. What is disappointing, is some people in the industry take advantage of those gifts. Instead of paying creatives they offer other alternatives such as exposure and experience. This brings up the question of why don’t people want to pay for someone’s creative skills? Unpaid internships are an excellent example of this act. Start-up companies as well as companies that have been around for a while ask for unpaid interns. Some of the real reason why they won’t pay their interns, is they are looking to cut expenses, and are reluctant to compensate. In some cases, especially with start-ups, they just don’t have the money. It is important for all creative individuals who are seeking work to understand their worth. Find people who respect your talents and are willing to pay versus people who don’t respect what you have to offer. Don’t sell yourself short. You can help others understand the value of the work when you value it yourself.

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