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  • Bradley Smith


The advancement of technology has enabled advertisers to create complex ads delivered in a multitude of ways to reach audiences. However, even with this advanced technology, “less is more,” and the trend of minimalism leaves us with simplistic executions that are still just as elaborate as they have always been.

I enjoy seeing the history and evolution of brands, and this comparison of the old and modern Apple logo showcases the development of design and advertising perfectly. With this old Apple logo, you can visually see a story that connotes a simpler time, even with its complexity. While the modern logo is also a work of genius, it strips away what the old logo encompassed so well: a story.

Building brands requires storytelling (which Apple has accomplished quite successfully), but this shows how this digital age and culture demanding of instant recognition makes it hard for brands to encompass both of these aspects. Telling stories while maintaining a connection to current trends is what makes advertising such a challenging yet exciting job.

Social trends will continuously influence brands, and as advertisers, we will be required to adopt these ongoing changes. It makes me wonder what graphic design and advertising, in general, will look like 50 years from now. What do you think?

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