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  • Kearin Beeson

A Message To Overthinkers

As someone who is an overthinker, I have often considered it to be a weakness. I have nights I cannot fall asleep because it feels as if my thoughts are going at 100mph. I quickly realized that I could not change this about myself. Instead, I took advantage of it. After all, overthinking my original degree choice is what led me to become an Advertising major.

Being a creative in the field of advertising requires using the power of thought constantly. Overthinking can often be unproductive because it means spending too much time in thought. However, in advertising, focusing hard on every detail of a project allows it to become the best campaign that it can be.

Over the years, I have learned the following tips that help me when I find myself overthinking:

1. Overthinking can often feel as if your thoughts are so unorganized that you can’t even focus. To better contain my thoughts, I write everything down. I always have my phone with me, and I will often write notes on my phone when I find my mind being too overbearing. This allows for better regulation so that it is easier to focus on the present task.

2. The most important thing I have learned about myself when it comes to overthinking is that I don’t like quiet. I always have white noise in the background whenever I work to drown out my unnecessary and unproductive thoughts. For me, listening to music is one of the best tools to stop overthinking. Not only does music soothe, but it also forces me to focus on the lyrics and the beat instead of my thoughts.

3. It’s important to find strength in your weaknesses. If you’re an overthinker like me, find ways to make this an asset such as considering a career as a creative. In advertising, thoughts are power.

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