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  • Blaine Cavazos

Video Is The Future Of Advertising

Approximately 80% of the media we consume in 2025 will be through videos. It is a medium that combines sight and sound in a perfect marriage. It helps us tell stories more effectively than ever before. Good strategy in a well-produced video can do wonders for a brand on their social media accounts. Here a few ways videos can help boost brand image:

Short and sweet videos work wonders.

There is a rising trend that I have noticed on my Instagram feed of short 10-second graphic animation videos from brands that are eye-catching and compelling. These micro-videos help quickly inform your followers while also keeping them engaged. You can create these types of videos using Adobe Spark. It is easy to navigate, and you can learn more at

Virtual reality and 360 videos can open up your imagination.

If you don’t know about VR and 360-degree videos, you must have been living under a rock for the past three years. VR and 360-degree technology can put you in the front row of a Beyoncé concert without even spending a dollar. These types of videos will be critical to industries such as architecture, urban planning, and more. It allows brands to give consumers a fully immersive experience in the comfort of their own home.

Keep it short and simple.

Our attention spans are getting shorter by the day. Every time we log in to social media, we have thousands of content creators fighting for a slice of our feed. Videos must also compete for attention. A video for social media must be no longer than a minute and 30 seconds, but it is best if the video is under half a minute.

As a videographer and a creative, I am excited to see how videos will be utilized in the advertising industry. I hope to spark a second creative revolution. Viva la video!

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