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  • Darby Byrd

The Positive Power of Creative Physical Exercise

Numerous experts over the years have found that physical exercise has a measurable effect on a person's mood and mental health. This information has been spread far and wide and is something we all hear from our healthcare practitioners from time to time.

It is also no secret that there's a historical trend of creative people experiencing a slew of mental health ailments. As Aristotle once said, "No great genius has ever existed without a strain of madness."

Creative work is hard, and in the advertising industry, we creatives have to deliver polished work on a regular basis, whether we feel up to it or not. Pushing through the funk is not only highly romanticized in our workaholic society, but also very necessary when you have to meet deadlines on a regular basis. So how do we fight it off?

My personal weapons of choice are my roller skates. Exercising always felt too boring, too tedious, until I put on my first pair of quads. When my brain is tired from a day of creative thinking, I can turn it off and cruise around a ramp for a couple of hours to feel sound again. When I'm having trouble writing content for a client, I step into my skates and ride down the block to get those creative juices flowing.

As a copywriter, it's important to me that I put a little spice into everything I do. Skating in and of itself is an artistic action. Just like being a creative, there's no one right way to do it. For me, skating helps me feel physically and mentally strong while also strengthening my creativity.

So when you see me rolling into a morning meeting, you know I'm feeling good and ready to work.

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