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  • Jaida Johnson

Perspective vs. Perception

Something that you may not think about often is the role perspective and perception play in advertising. Perspective is your point of view, influenced by attitude, whereas perception is influenced by past experiences that you have encountered.

We see hundreds of advertisements every day. Have you ever thought about how many perspectives you have in an hour? Each ad we receive comes along with our thoughts, opinions, and point of view. The controversial Collin Kaepernick Nike commercial perfectly demonstrates the apparent split reaction from the public. For example, some people protested Nike while others praised their efforts.

What is your perspective and perception of this video? Reflect on the events that have occurred in your life that make you think the way you do about this.

Because of perception and perspective, a division of opinions is present. Consider the following questions:

Is a different perspective and perception important in the advertising world?

How do you think the business would be without different ways of thinking?

Would there still be diversity in creativity?

In my opinion, it is vital for every person to stay true to his or her self. Each person has unique experiences and lessons that make them who they are. I believe those influences help shape their creativity. Everyone is going to have a different perspective and perception in various situations. However, one should not be afraid to stand up for what he or she believes.

In conclusion, there is a beauty to perspective and perception because they are mutually exclusive. Perception can be affected by perspective, and a new perspective can change your perception. That is the art of advertising.

How can you share your story or help someone else see your point of view?

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