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  • Ali Khromachou

The Drink of Summer 2019

Have you heard of White Claw Hard Seltzer? I bet you have seen it on your friend’s social media posts, or at the grocery store. It has become the Summer 2019 drink of choice.

Many love the ice-cold refreshing drink because it’s light in flavor, easy to drink, and is quite refreshing. Despite 52% of US consumers saying they want to consume less alcohol; White Claw has found a way to appeal to the health-conscious consumer. With 5% alcohol, 100 calories, and 2g of carbs, it’s no surprise that the drink is doing well. Many relate it to the popular drink LaCroix, a non-alcoholic sparkling water, which makes a product like this an easy transition.

Naturally, as all trending brands see, there has been an emergence of memes building a unique culture around the drink. This isn’t the first hard seltzer to hit the shelves so why is the Claw so popular? Just like the Popeyes chicken sandwich, the drink benefited from organic social media popularity.

Now news has come up saying there’s a nationwide shortage of the trendy drink. Do you think they are trying to artificially cause a Popeyes rush? Have you tried White Claw yet/will you?

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