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  • Sam Tellez

Inspiration is for Everyone

The creative process is different for everyone. It's amazing how one thing can inspire you to create, whether that be music, movies, tv shows, and or a photograph (the list is endless). It’s all about seeing the world around you, being present and taking it all in. For me, music is always playing in the background and it allows me to think in a way that helps me create or inspire me. Inspiration is all around us, but it’s up to you to decide to look up and take it in.

It’s interesting to see the paths that people take in order to share that inspiration. A few of my favorite influencers are Wes Anderson (Film Director), William Eggleston (Photographer), Kevin Parker (Music Producer and a literal mastermind), A24 (Independent Film Studio), Pooneh Ghana (Music Photographer and total boss), David Bowie (An amazing musician and Creative), Paul McCartney (need I give a description?), Dev Hynes (Amazing Musician, Producer, and soundtrack connoisseur), literally any director of any movie I've watched repeatedly, and so many other talented creatives that aren’t named. These people are examples of how it’s important to gather your ideas and share them because it can be amazing!

Finding that inspiration and making something out of it is the truly exciting part. May that be with photography, cinematography, business (yes there can be creativity in business it may correlate/go into some analytics or such), marketing, ADVERTISING, and literally any job you can think of. Creating is amazing and it’s freeing.

I was reading some creative processes for an assignment recently, which actually inspired this post, and I came across some pretty fascinating techniques. The one that I related to the most was Chris Adams, he is an amazing creative who was behind the Pedigree campaigns that transformed the company.

“For me, the process begins with just filling my head with stuff. Devouring media, soaking up the world around me- words and images and music and life. Not because I have a particular assignment that I need them for, but just because I enjoy it.” - Chris Adams

Imagine a life where you can sit and actually enjoy the things you like without the guilt of an assignment that demands your attention. Instead, think about those things as a way to help you come up with ideas that allow you to problem-solve that assignment. It never hurts anyone to allow creativity to take over. I encourage you, instead of doing the same routine, take a walk, put your headphones in and really listen to music, take in the scenery, allow yourself to feel the world around you.

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