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  • Angie Baker

The Power of Meditation

I recently watched an episode of “The Mind: Explained” on Netflix that discussed meditation. It explained that the stressors and distractions of everyday life can easily clutter our brains. We are caught up in all the things we have to juggle, and it often forces our thoughts to go in a million different directions.

Meditation helps us organize our thoughts. Like sports, there are several different types of meditation. The form that the Netflix episode focused on the most is called mindfulness meditation. According to, “Mindfulness is a form of meditation that urges practitioners to remain aware and present in the moment. Rather than dwelling on the past or dreading the future, mindfulness encourages awareness of a person's existing surroundings.” This practice has been proven to improve depression and anxiety, as well as ADHD and ADD.

It’s difficult for most to live in the present. Mindfulness meditation encourages people to appreciate the present. This can be very therapeutic for people who often find themselves overwhelmed. As a full-time student with a part-time job and internship, burning out is inevitable. I can only imagine what it will be like in the actual workforce.

Being a creative in the advertising industry can be exhausting because we are constantly using our brains to come up with new ideas and meet deadlines. We have multiple clients at once and have high expectations placed on us. Mindfulness meditation has helped me tremendously. Before allowing myself to break down over the numerous pressures I deal with weekly, I have set aside one hour of my day to dedicate to meditating. This allows me to give myself a mental break, which I strongly believe is a necessity for everyone.

Life can be draining, and it is important to give yourself some time to reset.

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