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  • Ashley Morales

Gain A Career Advantage with AdEdge

Making connections to get your foot in the door is an important booster in the advertising industry, aside from a great resume. As students can easily make connections with each other at school, they may struggle to make connections with seasoned professionals in the industry.

The 4A’s Dallas Council presents AdEdge, a new way for students to get their foot in the revolving door of the advertising world. On November 1st, graduating and graduate students will be able to meet and listen to advertising professionals; gaining an opportunity that goes beyond a job fair experience.

Stan Richards, the CEO of The Richards Group, is the keynote speaker at the event. Attendees will gain insight from him about what a typical day is like for an “ad person” and what agencies are looking for when making new hires. Universities in and around Texas are sending their students to the event to socialize with other students and advertising professionals. Students will also be able to gain advice on how to make their portfolios stand out from the rest in the giant stack on a recruiter’s desks.

This event, fostering over 200 advertising seniors, is meant to fully engage students into what the Dallas ad community has to offer. The opportunity is selling out fast with tickets going at $50 a piece. Be sure to get your tickets today and go beyond getting your foot in the door and into fully crossing the threshold into the creative world of advertising.

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