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  • Elena Corres

Expanding Your Horizons

Growing up I have always wanted to make a difference and leave a mark on this world. Most people feel comfortable in their own countries, speaking their native language and living their own culture. For me it was different, I have always felt the need to learn and grow as a person. I decided to move to another country and expand my horizons.

Being an international student has opened new opportunities for me. I have learned and enjoyed every experience. My perception of the world has changed, and I have discovered myself and found a passion, advertising.

Living in another country can be challenging sometimes. You have to learn another language and, most importantly, understand a new culture. Adapting can be hard, there will be some challenges and difficulties, but It will improve your life in many ways.

When you travel and live in another country you get out of your comfort zone, you will gain confidence and become more independent. Your attitude towards other cultures will change and you will become more cultured.

If you have the opportunity to live in another country or to travel you should go for it. Life is too short to stay in one place.

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