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  • Rachel Van Deusen

Dogs in Advertising

Dogs, especially puppies, are a popular trend that creates that emotional aww response. Owners post pictures of their dog or them with their dog. Some dogs even have their own social media pages. Overall, dogs are by your side through the happiest and saddest moments.

According to the American Pet Product Association, more than 60 million households’ have dogs. Since dogs have a positive psychological effect on owners, advertising companies believe incorporating dogs into their campaigns will have the same impact on animal lovers everywhere. Dogs in advertisements will help capture the attention of viewers, especially dog owners.

Big name brands such as Subaru and Budweiser have used dogs in their advertisements. The Subaru came up with the campaign called the “Dog Tested. Dog Approved” ad. The commercials show different driving scenarios with dogs playing the role of a human. The advertisements are humorous and adorable because dogs can't drive. In some ads, the dogs have nothing to do with the product and are used to grab the audience's attention.

Incorporating dogs in advertisements create an emotional response. The responses can be humorous, happy, or sad. The campaigns can also resonate a personal connection with someone who owns a dog. The incorporation of dogs helps create a positive image and builds trust for the brand.

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