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  • Sarah Torok

OK, but does product placement actually work?

Read the article linked and watch the video embedded to understand how product placement works, in a fun way.

Whenever I’m watching TV and movies, I often notice product placement and say to myself, “Do people actually fall for that? Is that company actually going to get business because of that product placement?” The answer to those questions is that people ‘fall’ for it and companies do get business.

I remember this funny video I watched a while ago about product placement and how it works (linked above) and it made me want to know WHY it works. In short, it’s all psychological. People have positive connections with characters in shows or movies which causes people show interest in the product, whether they notice they’re doing it or not. Companies do this in a way so that their product or item can be seen in the show or movie but is not the main focus. Using their products as the main focus will cause people to lose interest in the TV show or movie, so subtle flashes of products throughout the content does the trick.

A viewer’s implicit attitude is often tapped into when product placement occurs. Implicit attitudes are when an individual's feelings, emotions or opinions are made up for them without any sort of conscious awareness. Sounds a little creepy, but when someone is constantly watching the same show all the time and you have a likeness for all the characters in it and what they do, wear or eat, you start picking up on small things they do or opinions they may have on a topic.

Honestly, it’s a very slick and effective way of advertising and I think you should spend some time researching it and looking out for product placement in your favorite shows or movies.

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