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  • Justin Gissandaner

Giving Value to Your Work

Creating any kind of artwork for any client comes with a large risk of not getting paid and being expected to work for clout or work via bartering. Not in all cases is this a bad thing, in the case of bartering you are at least getting something physically tangible in return. In the case of being paid for clout, this is far more subjective and is difficult to measure as a form of payment.

Getting clout for work requires transparency and an understanding of what the creative is getting and what the client is giving. How would getting a promotion boost affect me, and the more critical question, would the client actually give me that much of a benefit? It’s important for creatives to stand up for themselves. Your work should be rewarded and often times working for ‘promotion’ under vague promises is a way for a client to get free work for the most minimal gain for the creative. Assign value to the work that you do, it is likely far more valuable than you believe.

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