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  • Erika Valdez

Ad Mod and What That Means to Brand Safety

The Mod, a platform management tool designed for social advertising, is taking the next step towards brand safety with the new Ad Mod feature. Ad Mod makes it easier for advertisers to see what comments and reactions are left on a brand's posts to ensure only positive opinions are featured. It flags comments that might be spam or negative towards the brand and will either remove them or allow a brand representative to decide.

I believe that this is a game-changer for ads because a lot of brands now advertise by having social media influencers promote their brand. This type of content management will positively affect brands by not showing the cons in their products or services in the comments. Although, as a consumer who quite often reads the comments others leave behind on posts, it's an unsettling fact that corporations will be able to govern that.

I like to know what people are saying about a brand even if its negative because I want to know who I'm supporting. Regardless, I believe Ad Mod is a step in the direction that Advertising is heading towards in the future and will open doors to new ideas on how to better control advertising through influencers.

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