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  • Chloe Gordon

The Streaming Wars

As many of us probably know, streaming services have taken over, and the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, and many more are going head to head to become the number one choice for consumers. So now, in this time of need, we must turn to social media for answers on which one to use and which one is the best. There are already plenty of memes around Disney+. For example, we have replaced "Netflix and chill" with "Disney+ and chill." While there is not as much activity on social media about the new Apple TV, as far as we can tell, they have some new shows and movies with amazing actors featured.

On the other hand, the ultra-popular Disney+ isn't offering all of the content they said they were going to have. Not everything that has been on Disney is available yet. For example, the new "Lady and the Tramp" movie is out, but the new and improved "Aladdin" isn't featured on the streaming service yet. There have also been reports of people clicking on certain movies, and they're not getting a link to any video.

Apple TV is in a streaming war with only four shows available to consumers and some shows and documentaries that are still under production. Although these shows and movies both feature award-winning actors and actresses, there isn't an abundance of choice when it comes to what to watch.

On top of these two newly released streaming platforms, there are many more that are less popular options in the game but offer similar pricing with different shows and movies. In the future, since so many media outlets are just producing their own streaming service, I wonder if there will be streaming service packages that bundle Apple TV, Disney+ and Amazon prime? Many of these companies have turned to phone companies to better market their services. For example, at Verizon, eligible customers get Disney+ included with their cell phone plan. Which one will you choose?

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