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  • Jackie Winkler

A new take on a wellness app

The ad agency Droga5 created a TV spot called “The Reckoning” for a new wellness app called “Shine.” The app was created by women and the app is targeted towards people of color. This is revolutionary, because there has not been a wellness app tailored towards people of color. The mental health world for people of color has been overlooked in the past, so they made this app as an inclusive place to heal. Shine includes podcasts, meditations, and other self-care tools for men and women from different backgrounds. For example, one meditation focuses on the concept of “representation burnout” which refers to the exhaustion that comes along with being the only person of a different identity within a group of people. Shine currently has more than four million users.

The TV spot shows a lot of people from different backgrounds relaxing while there is a voice over talking about how we are tired of being over-looked, tired of people not hearing our voices or skin tones. The creators are then shown, and they say, “so we created a space with our reality in mind, and it’s called Shine.” It is a very powerful TV spot, which will also be shown on social media platforms. The creators of Shine were very excited to work with Droga5, because they have always been a fan of their work, and they did an amazing job with it.

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