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Advertising world in a major shift due to COVID-19 - Julion Polk

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has begun a major shift and adaptation in the advertising industry. Huge corporations are forced to pull down their ads to focus on being helpful and attentive to daily human needs. During this time, brands connecting with their audiences on a sentimental level is imperative.

Although consumer behavior is always changing, times like these has everyone at home. Meaning online traffic is increasing tenfold. Advertising agencies are pushing companies like gaming, streaming services, etc. to audiences to keep them inside and safe. I can sense that many companies now are heavily competing for TV, web and streaming ad space. 

Advertising for brands regarding travel, tourism and luxury have ceased. With sports and live events cancelled, many other companies don’t have that huge platform as a vehicle. What I have been noticing is that athletes and music artists turn to live platforms to bring people together and entertain virtually. 

The valuable bond between advertisers, public relations, agencies and suppliers has never been more probable. They are focused on not only doing what’s best for the general public but ensuring that they are able to financially “stay afloat” in these distressing times. Advertising agencies will have to put major overtime to compose efficient, meaningful campaigns for at home consumers.

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