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Amazon's Advertising Budget

In 2019, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon spent roughly $6.88 billion on advertising efforts. This number is almost triple other advertising budgets. Companies like Google and Verizon spend about $3 billion on advertising each year. We all know that $6 billion dollars is a huge sum of money, some that some people will never even be close to making in their lives. Verizon is the parent company that owns many other media companies, so their $3 billion covers the entirety of their media conglomeration which includes Yahoo, AOL, all over the United States and further. These huge media companies express influence in almost every area of media and control many different messages that are broadcasted. Disney is another huge media company that has major influence over what we see and when we see it, controlling much of the entertainment that we consume every day, this media giant only spent $3.13 billion on advertising. For all of the movies, TV shows, and other attractions that Disney has its hand in, they still spent half of what Amazon spent on advertising.

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