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  • Lupe Ontiveros

Cheetos - I'm Excited

The biggest advertising event of the year is right around the corner. As a person in the industry, I and many others drool over the teasers they release weeks before. This year’s Super Bowl will be a bit different now that some of the big players are sitting out. I’m foaming at the mouth for a few, but Cheetos and M&Ms are by far the ones I’m most excited about.

Not just because iconic celebrity couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are in the Cheetos spot, but also because of the added mystery of Shaggy in the spot. Celebrity endorsements are a big deal during the Super Bowl. Last year Cheetos used Bad Bunny, a Spanish rapper, whose music blew up in the last few years.

As predicted Cheetos seems to be taking the humorous route. Based on the 2 teasers released it seems that Kutcher has gone back to his role from “Killers,” a movie which he played a secret spy in, and Kunis, has combined her dramatic and comedic acting skills. I am curious to see what Shaggy’s role is in the Cheeto theft scenario between the couple.

As for the M&Ms spot I don’t know much about. So far Mars Inc. has only released a statement saying their goal is to connect viewers and make people smile. This is also a predicted tone for ads this year. Because of how polarized the country is this year’s ads will not be political or cause based. They will simply make people laugh and possibly have some sort of unifying message. I would predict that the funny ones will be the most well received.

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