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Discover Denton

Denton, Texas will always have a special place my heart. What seems like an old run-down city, is actually a booming atmosphere of joy and uniqueness. As we are all aware, SWOOP has acquired new clients for the second half of the semester. One of those clients being Discover Denton. Discover Denton is the tourism branch of the city that keeps everyone up to date about upcoming events and galleries. They also give you an inside look at what the city has to offer if you are not too familiar with it, and the possibilities are endless.

You can catch a drink on Fry street before heading out for a quick bite on the rooftop patio at LSA burger, and who doesn’t love dessert right? Beth Marie’s is seriously one of the best ice cream places I have ever been to. Maybe it’s the fresh made and rolled waffle cones, or the amazing ice cream flavors that I have never heard of such as rum raisin but if it’s Beth Marie’s it’s bound to be good. If ice cream isn’t your thing but still have a hankering for sweets, Atomic candy is the spot. This wacky candy shop has everything you could ever imagine. Sour candy, spicy candy, exotic soft drinks, if there’s sugar in it, they probably carry it. Regardless of what you like to do for fun, Denton is a beautiful place with big city living compacted into small town feel.

One of the biggest factors about Denton is the sense of community. Denton has two large universities in the city making it what you would call a college town, this has allowed Denton to build quite the character and become what it is today. Despite being labeled as such, there is nothing traditional here. Denton is weird, and the people are weird, but I have never felt so comforted as I have felt here. I hope everyone has the chance to check out Denton for themselves, because writing about it doesn’t do it any justice. So, grab your closest friends and make the drive. Discover Denton.

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