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  • Cass Harmon

Fear Not, there is Hope. For the Job Market Anyway.

As students approach their later years in college, we all begin to freak. How am I going to get a job in this pandemic? How do I apply with no experience? Is entry-level the new internship? The answer is complicated, but simple if you break it down.

The best way to break down the process of lifting yourself up and getting into a career all starts with action. That’s the most important thing about getting your foot in the door is you’ve got to want it, because a job isn’t just going to appear like in a movie. Entry-level is where you can learn and grow. It is like an internship and will aid you in gaining the real-world experience that is asked for in higher paying jobs. You must seek out opportunities and reach out to those in the industry and most of all JUST GO FOR IT. Lighting the fire to get out there is easy but carrying through is the difficult part.

With this ongoing pandemic you can learn code, how to animate, photoshop, analytics, and more. All these certificates will help you land a remote job and when things clear up, help you get into an agency.

To find a job one must appeal to the employer, therefore finding new skills and learning with all these free resources that are available to us helps so much when trying to pad your resume. College helps you and show employers you can learn but taking that extra step and adding skills to your resume makes a candidate stand out far beyond others. Reach out and call after an interview, or if you were not offered one, explain how you can benefit the company and your willingness to learn. Adding skills, lighting a fire under yourself, and persistence, all will aid you in finding a job in these stressful times.

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